Allnic H-7000 LCR tube phono preamp. Lots of positive reviews! $16,500 MSRP

Selling for $8,500.00

Reference phono preamp!


At $16,500 MSRP, the H-7000 is Allnic’s second “cheapest” phono preamp (the H-5000 is their cheapest at $5,200 MSRP) with the “V” version of the H-7000 at $18,000 and their flagship, H-8000 DHT at $39,000. If your expectation of a $16,500 phono preamp is high, you will not be disappointed. It is very well made (almost excellent in our opinion) with a beefy, masculine aluminum chassis with good size rack handles, separate power supply and the ability to connect up to four turntables or run four different cartridges – two MC and two MM, through it. Selector switch on the front makes it a breeze to select and play any one of them so if you have such a setup – four turntables, the Allnic H-7000 is heaven sent. The two MM inputs are set at 47k Ohm while the two MC (designated as MC1 and MC2) inputs are up to 470 Ohm. Voltage gains on MM is +40dB while MC1 is +60dB and MC2 is +62, +66, +68 and +72dB. Output impedance is 200 ohm. The tubes employed in the design are;

  • E810F/7788 x 4 (gain stages, left and right channels)
  •  7233 x 2 (voltage regulators)
  • 5654 x 2 (voltage regulators)
  • 5U4G (rectifier) in the separate power supply

The E810F pentode tubes that are used for signal amplification is a perennial favorite of Allnic as you would find them employed across their product range. And we totally get that because the E810F is such a sweet sounding tube. The two meters on the front faceplate is where it would tell you if the E810F or 7233 tubes on either channel needs to be replaced. If the needle moves off the “safety line” to the left, the E810F tubes need to be replaced. If the needle moves off to the right, the 7233 tubes need replacing. Nice and easy. If you own one or several top notch turntables, adding the H-7000 is a no brainer to elevating your vinyl enjoyment. The stock rectifier tube in the power supply has been replaced with a more expensive and very rare 5R4GY RCA military tube with dual bottom getter.

This unit is in great shape with one owner from NEW. We have the original box and manual for it and will come with upgraded Synergistic Research Blue Quantum fuses ($125 value) and additional spare tubes (see pics) which will keep this H-7000 running for years to come.



Additional information

Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 16 in

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In VGC, just minor scuff marks/nicks from use.


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