RAAL-requisite SR1a True Ribbon Headphones w/Earfield technology. Lots of +ve reviews. $4,900 MSRP

Selling for $2,795.00

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This is unlike any headphones that have come through our doors. Its the World’s first True Ribbon headphones with Earfield technology. And with that, it is an extraordinary sounding pair of headphones that is quite unlike wheat we have heard or sold before. This is not your typical noise cancelling headphone or even a typical headphone for that matter. Its more like having two miniature speakers “hanging” over your ears. So in reality, it emits sound into the surrounding rather than encapsulates it within your ear like what an over the ear headphone does. The ribbon “speakers” can also be adjusted where you can angle it in relation to your ear and listening preference. Just imagine how the fish gills open and close as it “breathes”. That is more or less the principal of the SR1a. By widening the opening angle of the “speakers”, you expand the soundstage experience when you listen to music through it. This level of musical enjoyment is unparalleled with headphones priced up to $8,000 or even $10,000. To manage the size of each “speaker” over each ear, the headphones have two straps, one over the head and one across the back of your head. The straps are made of leather and can be adjusted to fit each user accordingly.

The headphones are plugged into the Ribbon/Amp interface which in turn is connected to your power amp (or integrated) via a pair of speaker wires. So instead of the speaker wires running directly from you amp to your speakers, you use the supplied 2ft long jumpers and connect the speaker output of your amp into the interface module and then you run the speaker wires from the output of the interface module to your speakers. This way, you have the output signal coming out of your amp into the interface module where it will drive the Sr1a or your speakers via toggling the selector switch on the back. The headphones do require a lot of power to sound their best and its highly recommended that you start with 100W at the minimum.

Cosmetically, the SR1a is in very good condition with one owner from NEW. Included in our asking price are two additional headphone cables – a 7′ silver cable ($1,050 MSRP) and a 16′ copper cable ($350) that is similar to the stock 7′ cable that is included but at a longer length (so you can use the headphones at your listening chair). We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 in
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