Eventus Audio Phobos floorstanding speakers. Lots of positive reviews. $20,000 MSRP.

Selling for $5,995.00

Italian masterpiece


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There is so much to like with this pair of speakers. The first of many is that it doesn’t have the four flat parallel sides you would typically find on your conventional floorstanders. It is narrow on the front and wider on the back and moving from the front to the back are the many angled sides that was intentionally designed to tackle the issues of reflections and cabinet vibrations. Eventus Audio called it their patented SACC (Simulated Anechoic Cabinet Construction) Technology and through their use of a special proprietary cabinet material (EA-HDR – which contains aluminum and other special metals inside the cabinet walls), they were able to greatly reduce internal reflections and “distortions” inside the cabinet chambers. The high density material and the solid construction of the speakers translated to each speaker weighing close to 121 lbs. Three drivers are used – one 7″ woofer, one 5″ midwoofer and one 1″ tweeter and collectively, produces a frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Nominal impedance is 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 89 dB. The musical nature of the Phobos is pretty immediate. It light up any kind of music that is pumped through it. Very dynamic, fast and punchy. Bass is not too overbearing (unless it is used in a small room) and comes pretty quickly. The mids and highs were smooth and nicely textured. Room placement does make a difference in terms of getting the soundstage and image right but once that is established, you would want your listening sessions to last for hours.

Speakers stand 42″ tall, 11.5″ wide in the front and 12.5″ wide in the back. They look good cosmetically with the usual polishing swirl marks that are typical with gloss black finish surface. There is a small front top corner “peel” in the paint finish that you could feel it ever so slightly (but still intact) and probably won’t notice it if we hadn’t highlight it. We don’t have the original boxes so local pickup from our store or if shipping is required, will be shipped strapped on a pallet.


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Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 22 in

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Minor scuff marks here and there and a small corner ding


Gloss Black