PrimaLuna EVO 400 tube integrated amp. Lots of positive reviews. $5,600 MSRP

Selling for $4,250.00

Truly magical tube integrated!


The EVO 400 is PrimaLuna’s current flagship tube integrated amp. And as the flagship, it has very impressive specs but more importantly, is a better sounding integrated over the DiaLogue Premium which had earned Stereophile’s Class A rating. Like the DiaLogue Premium that it replaces, it is compatible to a wide range of tubes – 6L6G, 6L6GC, 7581A, EL34, EL37, 6550, KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, even the KT120. With its proprietary Adaptive Auto Bias Circuitry, changing between these tubes is just a matter of swapping out the tubes and you are done. The circuitry in the amp will auto adjust accordingly to the tubes installed. The integrated amp is also switchable between Ultra-Linear and Triode mode via the remote control and depending on the tubes installed will offer a variety of power output. With the current EL34 tubes, it will produce 70W in Ultra-Linear mode or 38W in Triode mode. This is vastly better over the DiaLogue Premium where it was rated for 32W and 13W respectively. Tubes in the input stage are six 12AU7 tubes. Sonically, the EVO 400 is even smoother and has a richer midrange over its predecessor. But if you want to add some punch and dynamics, you could always swap the EL34s for KT88s or KT120s. There are five line inputs with a phono chassis mounted. The phono board (MM) is optional so if you want to have that installed, pls contact PrimaLuna. The headphone amp on board has been considered one of the best out there. So for an all accomplish package, the EVO 400 seems to have it all! The goodies do not end here. Included in the sale are the following tubes (several hundred dollars in value);

  1. 8x Psvane EL34C tubes
  2. 1x PrimaLuna EL34 tube
  3. 2x Psvane 12AU7 tubes
  4. 2x Genalex Gold Lion 12AU7 tubes
  5. 4x Brimar 12AU7 tubes
  6. 2x GE 12AU7 tubes

Cosmetically, the integrated looks really good. Even the protective plastic wrap is still on the transformer cover plate. We have the remote and original box for it. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.





Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 16 in

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EVO 400


Minor scuff marks here and there


Tube integrated