KEF Reference Series Model Two-2 floorstanding speakers. Lots of positive reviews. $3,000 MSRP

Selling for $895.00

One of the most musical speakers for under $900 now!

Original Price: $2,500.00

The original Model Two maybe the second smallest model in the lineup but for the small to medium size room, this was the antidote. The Model Two-2 you see here is a further evolvement of the amazing Model Two where it received widespread positive reviews from audiophiles around the World. It is still a four driver, three-way design where the UNI-Q driver houses both the 6.5″ mid-driver and 1″ tweeter on the front and two 6.5″ woofers inside the cabinet in a Twin Coupled Cavity configuration. Frequency response is 43Hz to 20kHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 90dB. As the Model Two-2, KEF upgraded the crossovers to make it even smoother sounding, a 2Hz dropped in LF response (was 45Hz in the original) and a slightly better focused soundstage. The speakers are not fussy with placement but keep them away from walls and about 6-8 feet apart and you get to enjoy their glorious soundstage with good depth and imaging. Speakers stand 40″ tall, 9″ wide and 12″ deep.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Some scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. We have the original boxes which are very important to ensure they ship safely so factor in x2 on the shipping.


Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 18 × 13 in

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Some scuff marks/nicks here and there. See pics and listing