Duelund 0.01uF 600Vdc JDM-Ag Pure Silver Foil BYPASS Capacitor. NEW. 1 pr. $148 MSRP

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Musical caps!

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Here is a pair of Duelund 0.01uF 600Vdc JDM-Ag Pure Silver Foil & Wax/Oil Precision BYPASS Capacitor. Size is 35mm (L) x 15mm (D). Below are their specs;

• Specially designed to be put in parallel with coupling and crossover capacitors

• A pure silver foil that offers intimate harmonic richness and palpable detail

• Oil impregnation and a waxed paper dielectric that reduce resonances to an absolute minimum

• 20 AWG 4N soft-annealed silver leads that provide maximum conductivity

• Epoxy encapsulation provides heat resistance and long-term reliability

• Designed to increase performance without changing total capacitance or crossover points

• 600 VDC rating

• Radial (vertical) design

Price and listing is for 1 pair.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in