B&W FCM8/PCS8 speakers. THX Certified. Ultra RARE! $4,500 MSRP.

Selling for $1,995.00

Rarely available B&W speaker system.


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The speaker setup you see here is an ultra rare B&W speaker system. It basically comprises of a pair pf FCM8 monitor speakers that sits on top the PCS8 passive subwoofers. The FCM8 speakers are basically LCR speakers that can be used on its own (if you don’t need the body slamming bass of the PCS8) or like in this setup, with the PCS8 for an out of this World 3-way speaker system. The PCS8 has an on board crossover that filters out at 80Hz. Any frequencies above that will be handled by the FCM8. The bass driver is 12″ in diameter and bottoms out at 35Hz. So you basically run two pairs of speaker cables for each speaker – one for the FCM8 and another to the PCS8. These speakers needs a large room. You might get by with a “large” mid-size room but a large room is where you will enjoy the large scale presentation of these speakers. The FCM8 speakers have a very clear presentation which balances out nicely with the  PCS8 subwoofers for a rich, full sound. It may not sound as sharp as the CM10 speakers that we also have in the store but it buries the CM10 for scale and depth in presentation. So depending on your taste and room size, either speakers are good buys. Each subwoofer is roughly 8 cubic feet (2’x2’x2′) so factor that into the size of room to see if they will be a good fit. With the FCM8 mounted on top, the speakers will be slightly more than 4 feet tall.

The speakers in general looks good. The grille covers are fine with no tears or snags. Cabinets have a bit of scuff marks here and there and small corner dings but nothing major. Locking screws to screw the FCM8 on to the PCS8 included. Manual is available online. Due to size and weight of these speakers, they will be shipped via freight on a pallet. Pickup is preferred.

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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Some scuff marks/dings