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The 6T is an impossible speaker to dislike. Being the brand’s flagship speaker (formerly), it had an outstanding built quality for the price and sounded like a $3,000 speaker instead of a pair of $1400 speakers. Positioning the speakers can make a big difference but once you have that sorted out in your room and driving them with some good components, you will be pleasantly surprise but its high level of sound quality. Its highs were sweet and accurate. The mids were warm and had a slight “punchiness” in the mid-bass which added to a slightly heavier bottom end than you would have expected from its 6.5″ drivers. With a low of 36Hz, these speakers should satisfy most listerners except those who want bone shaking bass, than an added subwoofer might be required.

Without any hesitation, we would recommend these speakers to any audiophile who wants a slice of musical heaven but don’t want to burn a hole in the wallet getting it. Even at its $1400 MSRP, it is already quite a steal with the quality of finish and musicality. And for the price now of a good bookshelf speakers and stand, the Intimus 6T will stand even taller from its competition.

Cosmetically, they look really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Original boxes included.