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This is one of the best sounding preamps from YBA. And in our opinion, one of the many stellar products that establish YBA as an audio giant today. The preamp comes with two power supplies. One (the one in black) for the remote control and main chassis in the preamp and the other (the one in the silver aluminum case) for the input boards/module. The preamp is a 24/7 “live” preamp. The power toggle switch you see on the larger, aluminum case only shuts down the input board/module section if you decide to turn it “off”. This power supply has a pretty hefty power reserve so it does not “cut out” the incoming signal immediately when you flip the toggle switch to its off position. It takes roughly three – five minutes before the music tapers off.

Listening to this preamp is one the more rewarding experience for a preamp under $2,000. Great transparency, smooth, clean, tight and fast. The AUX input can be used either in RCA or XLR and the MM phono input (fairly standard affair with a nice decent sound with a high output MM cartridge) has a fixed input and output impedance. The line inputs on the 1 Delta is where the preamp really shines.

Cosmetically, the preamp is pretty nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Preamp will be securely packed for safe shipping.