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The Yamaha DVD-S2300, in our opinion, is a first rate audio player first and a video player second. Put in a SACD disc and you will be dazzled by its multi-channel playback. If your music room is well damped and have top notch components, listening to the Yamaha with SACDs will be a real treat. It easily rivaled our “resident” Sony SCD-1 for its accuracy and musical playback. It may not be as heavily built (but has the quality hallmark of a Made in Japan unit) as the Sony but it is still one of the better built players, if not the best, for $125 now. At this price, and almost twenty times cheaper than the Sony, the Yamaha is easily the better buy. Plus it plays DVDs and DVD-A which the Sony won’t. And in DVD mode, it was able to produce some very stunning picture quality. When we were watching the movie Inception through it, the detail, coloration and accuracy was amazingly lifelike.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a few small spots on the edges where the paint has some wear. Remote is included and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.