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CD changers in general are for users who just want hours of music without the need to get up and change CDs. Which is why they are mainly used in stores, restaurants or the poolside system. For the not to particular user, the CD changer can be a satisfactory piece of audio gear. Which is what this Yamaha is. Its not too bad sounding, carries 5 CDs on its carousel and provides hours of music. Best thing about it, it is cheaper than four McDonald’s Quarter Pounder meals. Plus their “Play&Change” feature allows you to change CDs while another CD is playing. So you literally have endless hours of non-stop music!

Cosmetically it has probably seen better days. There are scuff marks on the cover, tiny knicks on the edges and the right side panel has some indentations. But more importantly, the player works like a charm. We don’t have the original but will securely pack this for safe shipping. A Yamaha remote is included.