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Being Yamaha’s most expensive and wearing the badge of flagship player would bring about demands of greatness from it. And this it does in shovel loads. Physically, the Yamaha has a luxurious and solid feel to it. It easily weighs more than 40lbs and the panels feel solid and the controls exude smoothness. Sonically, it is a very neutral player. Very little coloration but has an uncanny ability to extract even the minutest of details from your CDs and SACDs. This is probably due to the onboard reference SABRE32 DAC which is a fantastic DAC that we have found to produce a very wide dynamic range from CDs. If you have other digital sources that you would like to run through the Yamaha to enjoy the SABRE32 DAC, you can do that via its various digital inputs.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Remote and manual are included and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.