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The SSP-331 was a bargain audiophile amp when it first hit the market. Measuring 17″ wide, 19″ deep and 6.5″ tall, the SSP-331 packed 150W at 8 ohms and 300W at 4 ohms. That was a lot of power for an amp that only retailed for $1,300 ($1,000 at its initial launch) and when paired with an equal caliber preamp (like its matching SA-31 preamp), you could be enjoying a pre/power that didn’t cost anywhere close to $3,000 but sounds more like a $6,000 combo. Vincent had designed this to be a hybrid stereo amp where the input stages have two 6N16 tubes that gave the amp a warmer sonic signature. But where the amp really shines is its robust power delivery, resolution, pace, neutral and detailed presentation. Amp is very well made and weighs a solid 42 lbs.

Cosmetically, the amp is in very nice condition. Very minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Original manual and box is included.