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This may be WyWire’s flagship series but in the larger context of high end cables, they measure very favorably to the like Acoustic Revive’s Absolute FM and Nordost’s Vahlalla series of cables. Price wise, they are also considerably cheaper than the other brands even though this is their top of the line cable. Which makes them a real high end “bargain” at its $4,000 MSRP and a steal now at under $1,800. Materials used are top end quality and the cables gave the components we paired it with, a cleaner, more neutral, darker presentation. It worked wonderfully with our CD player and between the pre and power but as always try it in your system to find out which component works best with it. Previous customer custom order it at 32″ long which is great since there are no long “overhangs” at the back of your rack or too short where it won’t allow proper space placement between components.

Cable is in great shape. We have the original packaging for it and will securely pack it for safe shipping.