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If your wish list for an audio equipment includes things like compact size, big power output, 24/192 DAC, first class construction and must be Made in the USA, then the mINT is just right for you. Wyred4Sound somehow managed to squeeze a really good DAC section and an integrated amp into one chassis that will take up no more than one square foot of space. Add remote control and a switchable voltage on the rear, allowing the unit to be used anywhere in the World and then you would really need to scratch the bottom of the barrel to find something to grumble about this unit. The mINT is not going to knock your socks off with its sound quality. This is not something you take and compare to a Krell, McIntosh, Levinson etc. On its own and within its $1,500 price bracket, you will not be disappointed with its performance. Music was smooth with a nice holographic imaging. Bass may be a bit light in terms of weight but it had a nice “thump” when asked for. The DAC on the other hand, makes the whole value equation sensible. When paired with a Nineties SONY CD player, music had a more lively texture, more body and better definition. If this had been either an amp or DAC, $1,500 is not a valued proposition. But together as a package, then this is something you might want to add on to your list of equipment to buy/try. The one chassis, pretty good DAC and a good amplifier section makes it a simple to use, clutter free package that actually brings home some audiophile level of musical enjoyment that is inexpensive and worthy of that one square foot space in your room.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Just minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box or manual but will securely pack this for safe shipping.