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The DA10 DAC was Lavry Engineering’s more “humble” offering. Their top of the line DAC easily tops over $8,000 so for under $500 now, this is quite a bargain. With a 24/96 DAC chip inside, it competes very favorably with our resident sub-$1,000 DAC, the PS Audio Digital Link 3. At the top end of the frequency spectrum, the DA10 may not be as sharp in terms of definition, but makes up with a fuller, more robust mids and lows. It is a bit warmer too and in our opinion, more natural to the original musical score. Unit only has XLR outputs so if your preamp only has RCA ins, you will need to get a pir of XLR/RCA adapters. Digital inputs are AES/EBU, Toslink and SPDIF. There is a very useful volume toggle switch on the right where you can adjust the volume on the headphone out or adjust the volume level going into your preamp or amp. The PLL (phase lock loop) selector allows you to select between three clock modes which than “modulates” the sound exiting the unit. Its na interesting feature and certainly one you can play around with in your room to find the optimum “presentation”.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape with just the usual minor scuff marks common with use and some wearing of the letters on the front panel. We have the original box for it.