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Here is another speaker from Wilson Audio (one of many) that made it into Stereophile’s list of recommended component. The WATT/Puppy combination have been one of the more astute speaker in the market. Very fast sounding, precise, dynamic and big in scale when it comes to presentation. The WATT is a monitor speaker of the highest caliber and can be found in many recording studios where they are famed for their neutrality and accuracy. Each WATT has a 7″ treated paper midrange and a 1″ inverted titanium dome tweeter. Add the Puppy (Puppy is upgraded to V.1) with its twin 8″ woofers and you have a “tower” speaker that have a frequency spread of 28Hz to 21KHz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 93dB. Wilson recommends a minimum of 10W to drive them, which is really incredible when the scale of of its presentation is so huge. Subsequent generations of the WATT/Puppy kept the formula pretty much the same with minor changes like cabinet size, how the WATT sits on the Puppy with spikes on etc but the 5.1 here is where it all started. Unlike the later generations, the 5.1 is extremely easy to set up. You find the right spot in your room to place the Puppies and then you just mount the WATT on top, connect the two via the Tails and maybe angle them to your liking and you are all done. The later generations require you to install the three spikes, where the spike in the rear comes in various heights to angle the WATT when mounting on top of the Puppy. Definitely more “laborious” than the 5.1. Each “tower” speaker stands 39″ tall, 12″ wide and 16.5″ deep and weighs about 162lbs. At under $5,000 now, they are easy best buys.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks really good. Drivers have been re-foamed and the front fascia completely redone with now velcro and foam pads. There is some minor scuff marks and the usual polishing swirl marks that commonly show up on the gloss black finished cabinets but nothing major.  We don’t have the original crates so local pickup is best or we can box them and strapped the on to a pallet for safe arrival. If freight shipping is required, contact us for a freight quote.