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The Watch Dog from Wilson Audio is one of the most intimating subwoofer ever. Its huge, weighs almost 300 lbs, packs 400W of power to drive its 12″ woofer and dips down to a room shaking 20Hz. A wide array of controls on the top allows it to be fine tuned and paired to any kind of speakers and room acoustics. If you have ever listen to one that was paired with its other Wilson speakers like the MAXX or Alexandria and got blown away by the amount of bass energy in the room and from the listening session, this is your chance to relive that experience by getting it for your system now and for a bargain price of $3,500. The Watch Dog is 27.5″ tall and deep and 18″ wide.

Cosmetically, the sub has the usual polishing swirl marks on the gloss black finish with some light scratches on the top and the acrylic cover (that sits over the control panel). Grille panel looks good. Rollers you see in the pictures are included and VERY necessary to move it around your room. Due to its weight and size, the sub is for local pickup from our store or has to be shipped freight.