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At under $10,000 now, these are one of the best deals from Wilson Audio’s range of speakers. Truly excellent for the mid-size or even slightly largish rooms, the WP7 is like the “take me home now” version of their larger MAXX and Alexandria speakers but packaged in a more accommodating size. With the WATT mounted on the Puppy, it stands 40.25″ tall, 12.25″ wide and 18.5″ deep. The WATT is actually a monitor speaker on its own where it can be used like a typical “monitor” speaker mounted on stands but you would be sacrificing the synergy it has with the Puppy. And by that, we mean a BIG sacrifice. Together, the 170 lb speaker (340 lbs for both together) is piece of audio powerhouse that will create lots of distress for your neighbors and will get you evicted from your rental apartment. Speakers are very efficient at 93 dB but with an impedance of 4 ohm, it needs an amp with sumptuous current delivery to really shine. The WATT has one 1″ titanium tweeter and a 7″mid-woofer while the Puppy has two 8″ bass woofers. Frequency response is 21 Hz to 21 KHz. Careful speaker placement is another element that will require some patience and room acoustics. But when you have all these elements in play, the WP7 are stunning speakers. They have incredible transparency and an openness that seems to bring the soundstage into and around you. Definition was precise and cleanly presented with good punchy, solid bass,. The highs are pinpoint with the mids not overly warm but very well energized to blend into the deeper bass notes from its twin 8″ woofers.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks really good. A bit of paint scrape on the front side edge of one of the WATT and minor scuff marks here and there. Nothing major and the paint scrape can be easily touched up with Wilson’s touch up paint set. These speakers are currently at one of our customer’s place (due to lack of space in our store at the current moment) in Elmhurst, NY. Auditioning them is possible with arrangement. We don’t have the original crates so local pickup is best or we can pack them into Sasha crates (which was what the owner upgraded to). If freight shipping is required, contact us for a freight quote.