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White Audio Labs has made some amazing amps in their time and the A100 is one such “under glorified” amp. It is a beast of an amp and packing 100W pure Class A into 8 ohms and 400W in 2 ohms, it will drive almost any speakers. Many have compared this favorably to the competition from Krell and Levinson with many liking its positive attributes better than these other more expensive brands. The A100 has a very warm sweet mid-range and a solid bottom end. Highs were nicely rolled off for a very smooth response. The amp has been very well taken care off and looks really good. It may have some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. No discoloration of the heatsinks. For under $1,000 now, this is the best value Class A amp. Lots of power, well built and a great sound.

We have the original box and will securely pack this beast for safe arrival.