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The Kii Three is a speaker extraordinaire. Despite its compact dimensions (8″ x 16″ x 16″, WHD) the Kii Three is designed to sound like a full size, full range speaker without the physical heft of one. To do this, it makes use of six drivers on each speaker – four 6.5″ woofers, one 5″ mid and one 1″ wave-guided tweeter (it has drivers on every side of the speaker except the top and bottom) where they are then individually powered by its own 250W amp (1,500W total per speaker). The crossover (which they call it Active Wave Focusing) is done in DSP mode where it manages the time alignment and phase equalization of its drivers to achieve optimal sound dispersion. You can read more about this interesting technology on their website but for concise sake, we will be focusing on its sound ability. The speakers have a rated response of 20 Hz to 25 KHz which is quite incredible given its physical size. But low bass it did achieved. On our first listening, we were mentally blocked in believing its low bass ability but clear that aside and we actually started picking up its low bass ability. Its not an overpowering bass response like what you get from a 12″ or 15″ woofers but we were able to pick out the deep, tight end from its 6.5″ woofers. The mids were transparent and neutral and the highs clear and distinct. Setup was pretty simple and straightforward. Each speaker has a XLR input. You could run the preouts from a preamp directly into them or like in the setup we have here (through a laptop), USB out from the laptop into the Mutec MC-3+ Digital Master Clock and USB interface where it converts the USB input into AES/EBU out into the Kii Three speakers (USB and AES/EBU cable not included). The speakers are then connected via its CAT5 cable and you toggle switch them in the rear as L and R speaker. Unlike other “lesser” active speakers, the Kii Three do not have a volume control on the speakers so your component feeding it the audio signal must have a variable output.

If your ideal audio system is one where simplicity and less clutter is top priority without sacrificing a full scale sound, than the Kii Three is a worthy contender in achieving that goal. Speaker is in really great condition and will be securely packed for safe shipping. One owner since new!  Matching stands are included. So what you will be getting in this purchase are – Kii Three speakers, Kii speaker stands, Mutec MC-3+ and manual. This is a multi box shipment.