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The brand Bolzano Villetri came to the scene with big fanfare when they launched their range of speakers that were engineered to give “omni-directional” sound. Their speakers would feature an upward firing bass/mid woofer with a downward firing tweeter. Sweet spot takes a backseat when using the Bolzano speakers because they were designed to negate that spot so you can place the speakers anywhere you want or sit anywhere you want and still enjoy an enveloping sound of music. One of the things they (Bolzano Villetri) like to do in their hifi shows was asking people to walk around their listening room and see if they hear a loss in music reproduction or pockets of “hole” in the room. In most cases, no one would actually hear a loss of find pocket “holes” because the music was all around the room (we were actually still enjoying music when we stepped out of our auditioning room!). If you prefer to enjoy your music from a particular spot, these speakers are not for you. But if want music to be omni-present or do not have the “ideal” rectangular room, these would do nicely. Bass response is not particularly deep (their frequency response are 48Hz to 20KHz) and adding a subwoofer is not out of the question if you want a more full range sound. Nominal impedance is 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 87db. Each speaker is approx 16″ tall and 9″ wide and 10″ deep. See our other listing for the BG780 floorstanders and 3001 center speaker that were previously part of a home theater system.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. They were previously store demo units with very little use from what we can see. Speakers will be shipped in their original boxes.