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The floorstanders you see here came from an all Bolzano speaker setup (see our other listing for the BG750 monitor speakers and 3001 center channel speaker). Each speaker is approx 50″ and 10″ wide and deep. Although the footprint of these speakers are small, they can can throw out a pretty expansive sound. Although there are four drivers in each speaker – two 5″ and two 1.125″ soft dome tweeters, the speaker is essentially 2-way with each tweeter firing into each woofer (called Roundstream Technology which the designer had it patented). This allowed the speakers to produce a pretty wide sweet spot which you can enjoy without having the need to sit in a narrow range of space or exact spot to enjoy the expansive soundstage. The BG780 you see here was the flagship model in the range and like the rest of the models in the range had a generous amount of leather cladding over the surface of the speakers and the use of real wood in its construction. Frequency response of the speakers start at 42 Hz and goes up to 20 KHz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 90dB. They were pretty easy to drive but we would recommend an amp with 60W or more.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. They were former DEMO speakers so there are some minor scuff marks from being demoed but nothing major. Speakers will be shipped in their original boxes so figure times two for actual shipping cost.