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The BG760 is a cute “little” floorstander that sits just below the bigger BG780 (the range’s top of the line model) and one up from the BG750 monitor speaker. Like the other models in the range, it offers the same 360 degree soundfield experience. Just fine two suitable spaces that will fit the speakers in and you are all set. Its ability to do these is due to their proprietary Roundstrem® and Channelflow® Technologies (see below for a write up from Bolzano’s website). Each speaker is 26.5″ tall with a square 10″ footprint. Frequency response is 42 Hz to 20 KHz via its single 5″ mid-woofer and 1.125″ silk soft dome tweeter. Nominal impedance is 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 87 dB. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 50W to drive them but we went for 100W as it delivered better sonic performance with improved control, a more luscious mid-range and tighter bottom end tolerance. If you ear height at the sitting position is higher than the 26.5″ height of the speaker, you might want to prop it up a little so the 360 degree landscape of music is dispersed at ear level.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. They were previously used as showroom demos so some very minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Speakers will be shipped in their original boxes. This is a two box shipment so multiply by two for actual. Below are the brief write up about the proprietary technology used in the speakers.


Channelflow® Technologies

“…encompasses the phase inverter arrangement. Phase inversion is a critical element of an acoustic system; the arrangement directly influences the output sound quality. In the Bolzano Villetri™ acoustic systems the phase inverter is purposely located under the dynamic head within the pressure zone. This is executed in a form known in aerodynamics as a “pilot tube”, simply meaning the aperture does not face vector streams, but instead receives only non-directed values – pressure which does not depend on direction.”

Roundstrem® Technologies

“…This technology is based on enhancing counter-aperture principles for loudspeaker construction. The essence of “RoundStream® Technology” is two identical sound radiators, each in its own case, located opposite each other and working in unison. In between are two tweeters, symmetrical radiators synchronised to produce the same phase of signal wave. The loudspeaker sound is a symmetric deformation of air; the horizontal sound extends in the same pattern for both right and left channel output. In this way, an output of sound corresponds to the natural principles of sound distribution. Thus “RoundStream® Technology” produces a much higher, more efficient sound than tradition loudspeaker systems. The basic objectives were to reduce the dominant, unnecessary component, of dynamic head radiation at low frequencies, and to transform two identical contra vectors required to produce sound pressure.”