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This is the matching subwoofer for the WAT4 speakers (on a separate listing) but can be used in conjunction with other speakers. It is not conventionally shaped like most subwoofers in the shape of a cube but rather like a “bookshelf” – wide and narrow. Port is at the bottom so it can be placed close to a wall or hidden in the background. This sub can produce some enormous level of bass. Its rated to go down to 35Hz which is not bone shaking deep like some other subs that go down to 20Hz but it puts a lot of bass energy. In fact, we had to turn it down to near minimum (in our room) to blend in with the WA-T4 speakers or else the bass would just drown out the speakers. But once you have them balance out, they sound like big 3-way speakers. On board amp is 100W.

The sub you see here was a previous dealer demo pair. Some minor scuff marks on its glossy black finish sides but nothing major.  We have the original box, manual and spikes.