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This remains one of the all time great CD transport. It may be “old” but the quality transport from Esoteric (from their top end P-2 transport) continues to soldier on as strong as before. DACs may have progressed considerably over the last few years but the CD transport remains pretty much similar. Newer transports may have more digital outputs but if you are content with coaxial, optical and ST Glass, you should be all set with the WT-2000. Although the transport was derived from an Esoteric P-2 transport, the digital board on the WT-2000 is a complete Wadia affair and unlike the Esoteric unit, Wadia detached the power supply from the main unit and put it in a separate chassis to keep electrical interference away from the sensitive digital board.

Cosmetically, it looks really good with minor scuff marks/scratches here and there. We have the original remote and the transport will be locked prior to shipping.