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There was a time, Wadia was the industry leader in all things digital. Many of their components were beyond their time and a typical Wadia CD transport/DAC combo was just a revelation on their prowess in digital technology. The Wadia 15 was one of their more affordable “high tech” pieces (their flagship DACs sold for more than $30,000!). It uses four Burr-Brown 20 Bit/32X Oversampling chips and offers six digital inputs and a pair of single ended and a pair of balanced outputs. Onboard digital volume control offers the flexibility of running the DACs directly into an amp and doing away with the preamp. But of course if you have other analog sources, than you would still need a preamp.

The prefect pairing for the Wadia 15 is the Wadia 8 CD transport but we have hooked this unit up to various CD players and transport with very good results. The Wadia 15 has remarkable clarity and transparency with a very organic presentation. Clearly, these were some of the few reasons why the Wadia 15 remains an all time classic favorite among audiophiles seeking a bargain on a former high end digital piece.

Cosmetically, it looks really good with minor scuff marks/scratches here and there. Its all metal chassis speaks volume of its high end intentions. We don’t have the original remote┬ábut did programmed a Logitech universal remote that will work with it.