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This is a turntable that is match made in heaven. The previous owner went through great lengths to eventually reach the combination you see here without crossing his $10,000 budget. Everything that is placed together here was meant to deliver one thing – stellar analog sound with the additional bonus that it actually looks really good. The gold on black is such a classy combination that it looks more than $10,000 than what it is now. The VPI turntable features a tri-pulley sub-chassis that is driven by a single pulley heavy duty motor. You could spin the platter by running one or two of the longer belts directly with the motor but we prefer when it is looped around the tri-pulley sub-chassis. ¬†On the four corners are the heavy duty spring loaded footers that will keep the main “body” isolated from unwanted vibrations. The arm that was eventually chosen to sit on the throne of the turntable is the highly rated Graham Model 1.5 arm. Variable speed adjustment (33 1/3 and 45 rpm) is done through the Power Line Conditioner which offers more than a switch to change the speeds. Two dial controls allow for super precise speed variation which will bring your music to even higher levels of pitch and calibration perfection.

The setup may look complicated but is rather straightforward. All you need is one or two more buddies to help align the four footers and the tri-pulley sub-chassis and then you sit the main chassis over them. Sling the two longer belts over the sub-chassis and the platter and the shorter belt over the main motor and the main pulley and you are all set to go. Of course you must plug the main motor into the PLC if you want to be able to change between 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. And of course a cartridge of your liking (not included).

Cosmetically, the table looks very good overall. Acrylic finish has the usual light scratches that gets on it very easily and some minor foam deterioration in the coil spring footers. Other than these, the table works beautifully. We used our in-store Lyra Helikon SL MC cartridge and music was heavenly…. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this in an oversize box for safe arrival.