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The original Scout turntable was quite the turntable for under $2,000. It had features that if found on competing brands, would have cost a lot more. At just under $1800, this is VPI’s best selling turntable. The previous owner of this turntable had several upgrades done to it at the VPI factory. The original JMW-9 tonearm was upgraded to the Signature-9 tonearm, the motor has been improved to the 300 RPM motor and the original 1 3/8 acrylic platter upgraded to the 2″ acrylic platter. For added isolation on the motor, it has Maple Shade cork isolation feets added to reduce and dissipate any resonance from the motor that could creep up on to the turntable via the shelf or platform it is sitting on.

Sound wise, the upgrades were clearly apparent when you listen to this Scout. Bass was tighter and mid-range was more lucid with a sharper high. Music was more confidently portrayed and was totally enjoyable with every vinyl played on it. The original Scout was Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear award winner and Stereophile Magazine recommended component. If you are looking for a first class turntable that didn’t break your bank account, this is the one. Setup is straightforward and easy. You just need to add a cartridge and you are set to go.

We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this in an oversize box for safe arrival.