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If you want your turntable to sound its best (especially for VPI turntables and 115V synchronous turntables) the Turntable Power Line Conditioner is a must have. This may be an earlier generation but function and purpose wise, are similar to the current model, the ADS which retails for $1,250! So at $350 now versus $1,250 for the ADS, this is the no brainer choice. The TPLC not only acts as a power conditioner for your turntable but also allows for very fine tuning of its speed in 33 or 45 rpm. You just plug your turntable to the back of the TPLC and depending on whether you are listening to a full album or a single, you can fine tune its speed accordingly to get its precise pitch etc.

Cosmetically, the unit has minor scuff marks but nothing major. We recently have it serviced so it will be ready for use for many more years down the road. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Copy of manual included.