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The HW-19 Jr is in many ways a truly wonderful turntable. Almost anything on the table can be upgraded, the platter, the arm, the motor etc. This particular HW-19 Jr has an upgraded motor (just need to “twine” the loose end of the cables together and cap it) and a Rega RB300 arm. For the money, this is a very affordable setup to start enjoying vinyl. Just need to install a good cartridge and it is all set to go. We tried this with our Lyra MC cartridge and this setup blew us away. Of course the Lyra cartridge should take most of the glory but the synergy across the table was exemplary. From the motor to the platter to the arm to the cartridge. Everything was silky smooth and it translates across in the music.

Cosmetically, the table looks good overall. A few small knicks along the edges of the plinth and minor scuff marks elsewhere. The dust cover has an “internal fracture” towards the rear corner but does not affect its operation. We do not have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Spikes and copy of manual included.