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Among 845 tube based amps, these Viva Auroras are by far, our favorite. In fact, many owners of the Viva Auroras consider them to be the best tube amplifiers in the World. Using three 845 tubes and one 211 tube (or you can use three 211 tubes and one 845 tube) in each monoblock, the Auroras are the benchmark for what a 845 tube Class A (22W) sound should be like. Compared to the other two 845 tube monoblocks we have in the store at the current moment, the Auroras are well ahead in terms of sound and built quality. Once they are fully warmed up (about 10-15 mins), they brought into our room, this incredible soundstage though our Zingali HM215 speakers. The soundstage was so lifelike that if you close your eyes, you can just feel yourself immerse into the music. Highs were nicely detailed and sharp without sounding too overbearing. The mids were warm, full bodied and rich while the bass was robust with good solid weight behind them. The amps do require speakers with high efficiency and easy impedance to sound its best but when you do have them, the pairing can a match made in heaven (like the Zingali/ Aurora pairing we have in the store).

The amps are pretty hefty monsters. Each amp weighs approx 110 lbs and measures 17″ wide, 23″ deep and 12″ tall. They are currently paired to the Absolare Passion Altius preamp (also for sale in another listing) and they are perfect. Cosmetically, the amps look good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will have to be shipped strapped on a pallet.