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As a combo with the SCD-10 MKII CD player (that we also have for sale), the pairing represents a state of the art presentation that has few equals. Its $45,000 price tag for the combo to begin with is a clear indication of its intention to be the reference standard in sound at this price point and higher. Minimalist in design just like the CD player, the SIA-25 is all abut the music and how it so admirably reproduces it in its full glory. Speaker selection is critical when pairing with the SIA-25 because you would want to as much as possible, use its 25W Class A to drive the speakers. So an efficient pair of speakers are preferable. The integrated amp by default will come out of standby in Class AB mode (which is 150W output). So if you want to use Class A, you would need to hit the button to select Class A. The Class A mode has a slightly more textured and richer mid-range when compared to Class AB. Some speakers we use showed a more tangible difference, like the Soundkaos speakers versus Focal for example. But regardless, the SIA-25 is one fine example where reference power can be squeezed into one box which many other two box pre/power combo fails in dismay. In our opinion, the SIA-25 is all about articulation. The presentation was precise, balance and cohesive. Imaging was 3D-like and surreal as if a fine tooth comb went through and removed the edginess from the soundstage. $25,000 is a lot of money for an integrated amp, but we know of a few customers who swear by them (especially high end reference integrated) and that they will trounce many pre/power combos in the same price bracket. The SIA-25 is one such integrated amp where you can start sharing the same belief.

Cosmetically, the SIA-25 is as minty as new. Previous owner just bought it at the beginning of 2017 with less than 100 hours of use since then. This is a hefty integrated amp and will be shipped in its original boxes with remote (which is rechargeable via its docking station) and AC cord.