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This is a custom ordered MP-D201 DAC that has an aluminum body instead of the usual brushed silver panels. As the flagship DAC, there is really no getting around its reference standard sound quality and its built (weighs more than 50 lbs!) and finish. It is comparable to the Soulution 560 DAC we have for sale in another listing but distinguish itself slightly by sounding a bit more precise as it cuts through the musical notes. The Soulution has a bit more relaxed atmosphere to it but they are both top notch DACs that deliver top quality sound. Period. Vitus spared no expense in the development of this DAC. It houses their own Master Clock to reduce jitter and runs on four AD1955 DAC chipset with a resolution of 24 bit and a sampling rate of up to 792 kHz. Digital inputs are 1x USB, 2x coaxial and 2x AES/EBU with RCA and XLR output. Front faceplate has only six buttons – Input, Menu Standby on the left and Volume up, Mute and Volume down on the right. Its not etched on the custom ordered aluminum faceplate but they are easily figured out or just use the remote. If you don’t run any analog gears, you could run the MP-D201 as a preamp with your digital gears hooked up to its five digital inputs. If both the Soulution and Vitus were measured in this usage, we prefer the Soulution. The LEEDH technology on the Soulution is better (in our opinion) when volume level attenuation is called into play.

Cosmetically, the player is in great shape. Minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. Original remote is included and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.