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The Master speaker cables are quite substantial cables. Being that they are solid core in design and construction, they are fairly rigid (especially this bi-wired pair), but malleable if you slowly massage it into place. Once they are in place, these cables will stun you with their speed and veracity. We were quite impress with their Master Series 2.0 but this pair is altogether a different animal. With very strong Neodymium magnets on each end of the cables and just before the spades, the cable designer believed this magnetic field that is created will help propel the electrons even faster and thus increasing the speed of the cables. Obviously we can’t measure this but we can hear its difference when we swap it out with the Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables. The cables have a very “full bloom”, forward sound when compared to similar multi-strand cables. Mid-ranges were warmer and fuller and bass had a bit more weight and a tighter response. Highs were smooth but precise. Overall, these are very much on the level of “reference” standard even though their MSRP is only in the four figures. Which makes them such a bargain now at under $1,500. The Master speaker cables have garnered many positive reviews and are the main speaker cables for a few reviewers we know.

Cosmetically, the cables are in nice shape. The usual scuff marks on the spades and here and there on the cables but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will ensure the cables be securely packed for safe shipping.