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The original Parsifal speakers were game changers in their category. They were considered by nearly all users as the ” perfect” or “close to perfect” speakers. In the limited production Anniversary version you see here, Verity Audio improved on the original and somehow, managed to make them even better. The Anniversary now comes as a “one” piece floorstanding speaker with improved cabinet design and construction. The two piece of the original Parsifal may be easier to manage in terms of moving them around but its a small price to pay once you have the Anniversary in place and start listening to them. Although it is one piece, the woofer is still housed in its own cabinet and isolated from the top half of the speaker where the mid-woofer and tweeter resides in their own cabinet. Weight has gained a little (up 30 lbs) due to the revisions and improvements made on the structural rigidity and materials used but still manageable when you have another person to help. The speaker is also slightly bigger at 10.3″ wide, 19.2″ deep and about 44″ tall. The original Parsifal was only 14″ deep and 41″ tall (width was the same). Special for the Anniversary is a new base plate that goes under the speakers which isolates it from the floor. In between the “monitor speakers” on top and the subwoofer is another isolation plate that isolates the top speaker from the bass cabinet beneath it.

The drivers in its 3-way design is still the same 1″ double ring tweeter, proprietary 5″ mid-woofer and proprietary 8″ woofer and frequency range is still from 25 Hz to 50 KHz. Sensitivity is the same as previous at 89 dB with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. The sound is nothing short of astounding. Excellent sound staging and depth that you would have sworn came from a larger pair of speakers had they been masked in a blind listening test. The mids is still the star of the show as with the original Parsifal. Except this time, it is slightly quicker, more immediate. The warmth is more liquid and better balanced with the highs and the lows where they merge in a tsunami wave of grand musical scale. Speakers have been one owner owned since new and is just slightly more than a year old. Previous owner renovated and enlarged his music room so he needed something bigger and he ended his search by choosing another pair speakers that cost $90,000. That was how much more he had to go up to to find something better than the Parsifal Anniversary.

We have the original boxes and they will have to be shipped strapped on a pallet due to their size and weight. Cosmetically, they look a solid 9/10 with minor scuff marks.