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The MiniVee 8″ is the smaller of the MiniVee series of subwoofers. With a kevlar reinforced bass driver, this is one subwoofer that will literally rock your room. Bass was delivered in thunderous fashion and blends in very nicely with 2-channel music soundtracks or multi-channel movie soundtracks. Power is an amazing 1000W RMS. Packed in a very compact package that is only slighter larger than the MicroVee and a resounding 28Hz of deep bass (versus 24Hz on the larger MiniVee 10), the MiniVee 8 is an impressive little package.

This unit is in very nice condition with some light scuff marks here and there. Previous owner used it very lightly for 6 weeks and upgraded to a larger Velodyne subwoofer. Original box and manual included.