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If you have a small or medium size room and want to hear more bass from your system, then consider this Velodyne CHT-10 active subwoofer.¬†Although it only¬†packs a 10″ driver, a modest 150W amp that delivers bass from 28Hz and crosses over at 120Hz, the CHT-10 is quite the capable “add on” bass supplement that can add some serious bottom end. Controls on the back allows for finer adjustment and seamless integration with your other speakers which was a breeze to do. You just need a good ear and some patience while pairing it to your system.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer is in good condition. Some scuff marks and fine scratches here and there but nothing major. The subwoofer is pretty sizeable and hefty so local pickup is preferred. But if shipping is required, we will securely pack it for safe shipping.