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The Model 1 has long been considered as the best sub-$1,000 speaker money can buy. They may not look “big” as floorstanders (stands 36″ without the stands, 12″ wide and 10″ deep) and shares the footprint commonly associated with bookshelf speakers on stands. But in terms of sound reproduction, it produces a soundstage that is wide and deep with a well focused imaging in the center. Its two way design (one 1″ tweeter and one 8″ woofer)  had such a seamless crossover from the highs to the mids/bass that the musical presentation was beautifully fluid. Frequency response is 38 Hz to 22 KHz with a nominal impedance of 7 ohm and a sensitivity of 90 dB. Positioning the speakers correctly in the respective room that it will be used in can make a dramatic difference. So if you get them, spend some time getting to know the sound of these speakers and how their minimal baffle design interacts with the room and adjust them accordingly. When they are placed in their optimum position, you will hear it. The optional stands (would have cost an additional $100) you see on the pics are included in our asking price.

Overall condition of the speaker is very good. Just minor scuff marks here and there common with use. Speakers have been well cared for and it shows. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping. Speakers will be shipped in three boxes – two for speakers and one for the stands.