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Let’s get this out of the way – the Transparent One are no Kii speakers. But then again, they cost a measly $600 for the pair versus $16,000 for the Kii. So are they 27 times worst sounding? Hell no. As a $600 ONLY speakers, they get our solid recommendation for best bang for the buck. We just sold a pair of Linn KAN speakers that were used, looks half as bad and its not even powered for just under $400, so go figure which speaker had the better value proposition. The pair you see here was essentially brand new that our customer bought for his office setup but never had it installed. We took it out for the pics you see here and a quick test on its functionality. Our 15 minute “checkup” blew us away. The speakers were incredible sounding. Within its 6.5″ x 10″ x 8″ (WHD) cabinet houses a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter, one 5.25″ aluminum woofer (with their patented XBL technology), a rear facing 5.25 passive woofer and two Class D amps with 20W (to power the tweeter) and 100W (to power the woofer) on tap. There are four inputs – analog, USB, optical and digital coaxial and a sub out if you want more bass. You can control the volume and its tone controls via the control knob on the rear or via the remote control. A four conductor speaker wire connects the “Master” speaker to the “slave” speaker. The cable is long enough for you to mount the speakers on stands at 6-8 feet apart if required. Whether you do that or place them on your desk, you will relish how “big” the speakers can sound and even more importantly, how accurate they can be. Frequency response is an impressive 48Hz to 20KHz. If you are planning a simple setup like a source unit and speakers, the Vanatoo will fulfill the second half of that goal. Just plug the source to the Vanatoo and you are all set.

If you have about $16,000 to spend, by all means go for the Kiis’. But if you have three hundred bucks (you don’t even need six hundred bucks!), the Transparent One is an awesome speaker for the money. As mentioned above, the speakers were new in the box and only taken out for the pics you see here and a quick 15 minute test and evaluation. All accessories, manual, remote and speakers are shipped in one box (original). Speakers are rated for 100-240V use so it can be used anywhere in the World!