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The Rock Hybrid interconnect cables are a special kind of cable. Priced in the mid-range category, it continues to improve upon its carbon based conductor cables with The Rock. If you had listen to their earlier carbon based cables, they won’t have you running to the edge of a cliff screaming with elation. Not that its no good, it is. But it just doesn’t race your heartbeat one bit. As a medium between two hifi components, it does what it was intended to do – pass signals through. And that was all the earlier carbon based cables from VDH did. Enter the 3T The Rock. Now, this cable is much different from their earlier generations. There is a little bit more flavor, color and character. Instead of just being a medium for signal flow, it stamps its foot down by defining better musical tones with a smoother, more natural display. For the mid-price system owner who wants a more rounded sounding cable without sounding too excessively bright or too excessively dark, The Rock may just be the right ticket for you.

The pair you see here were former dealer demo pair. Some minor marks here and there from being used as a demo but nothing major. Original packaging is included but dealer has given away the accompanying CD. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.