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This is Van den Hul’s current “flagship” speaker cable. Its a huge pair of cables where the diameter of the cable is more than 1″ thick. So naturally with something this thick, it comes with a sizeable weight. Which then means that certain setups might prove to be tough on the terminals of either the speaker itself or the binding posts on the amps. But if you don’t have that issue, than the 3T Cumulus is ready to provide some heavy duty signal travel between your amp and speakers. Inside the cables are 4¬†Hulliflex insulated conductors that are each made up of multiple 3T strands. With this much conductors inside, its like having a highway replacing a single lane side street. The level of details, weight, and texture is reproduced in heaps over lesser cables. We have heard some other brands of cables deliver the same kind of performance but at usually twice or three times the MSRP of the 3T Cumulus. So for under $3,000 now, this pair of speaker cables are a steal.

Cosmetically, there are some minor marks here and there from being use and a few patches of frailing nylon weaves around the tail ends of the cables. Original case is included (with some missing letters on the brand) and will be re-boxed for safe delivery.