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The E2se is Valvet Audio’s only stereo amp and their most affordable. They have two models above it which are both monoblocks and cost between $8,000 and $10,000. If you have a pair of speakers with a sensitivity of 89 dB and more, then the E2se should be on your short list. The E2se is as close sounding to a tube amp as any solid state amp can be. Its 12W in 8 ohm or 20W in 4 ohm may not sound impressive but match it to a pair of speakers that are 89 dB or more and you would think the E2se has a higher power rating. Amp has been designed as a dual mono, single ended Class A with some premium parts like Mundorf oil caps, audiophile resistors and short signal path circuits. The amp sounded incredibly fast and tight with a richly textured warm mid-range and clean highs. We have sold some highly rated Class A amps like Monarchy Audio, Threshold etc but they can’t compare to Valvet’s refined presentation. This is another winner from Germany. Period.

Cosmetically, the units looks really good. One owner from new and previous owner ordered it in the more expensive chrome faceplate finish. We have the original box for it and will securely pack it for safe shipping.