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These are Valvet’s flagship monoblock amps. They come in a 4-chassis setup where each monoblock has its own power supply powering it. They are not your typical full width chassis units but more like show box width units. So you could still fit both monoblocks on a single shelf but height might be an issue if the height between shelves on your rack is under 10″ (each monoblock set is approx 9″ wide, 9″ tall and 13″ deep). If you plan to stack them, make sure the unit with the carbon fiber top cover is the top piece. Power output is 65W in 8 ohm and 105W in 4 ohm. They operate in Push-Pull Class A mode where they share the same warm mid-range, sweet highs you get from tubes but with a faster, tighter sounding bass. Power delivery was immediate and smooth with great flexibility across the music’s bandwidth. A high resolution preamp is an ideal partner with the A4e if you want the sheer transparency of the music or a high end preamp if you prefer your musical presentation organic and warmer in nature. These amps are hand crafted in Germany and the quality workmanship is evident here.

Cosmetically, the units look almost like new. Previous owner meticulously cared for them like precious jewelry. We have the original boxes for them. Shipping is in two boxes and local pickup from our store can be arranged.