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These are the extremely rare 100W Class A monoblocks from Woodside/Radford. Their smaller sibling, the MA50s are more common but at only 50W per channel, doesn’t have enough power for the system that has more current hungry speakers. But this is not the case with the MA100. Which is probably why they rarely come up for sale in the used market. They sound very close to VTL’s MB amps like the MB-100 and MB-125. Very rich mid-range, sweet highs and a nicely weighted bottom end. A real timeless classic where it readily competes with anything out there that cost up to $5,000.

Cosmetically, the units look good for its age. Some wear on the silkscreen lettering on the front and a few scuff marks here and there. Tube complements are four 6550 tubes, one 6SN7 and one 5691 per amp. Shipping will be in two boxes and local pickup from our store can be arranged.