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If you have always the love the sound of 300Bs but want something more than just your typical 8W, than this Reference 70/70 MKIII should bring that 300B magic smile back on your face. With four 300Bs in each channel, the Reference 70/70 MKIII as it model name suggests, is a 70W Class A tube stereo amp (its more like a dual channel amp housed in a single chassis). With this amp, you could almost drive any speakers out there (except the ones that extremely power hungry). VAC designed this amp to go down to 1 ohm if need be. We drove Audio Physics, Focals, B&Ws and Mordaunt Shorts with beautiful results. The beguiling mid-range was simply magical. The smooth rich sound is unmistakable from 300Bs and was consistent across all the speakers we had it paired up with. Highs were sweet and the bass was impressively deep and confidently composed and not “woolly” like sound other tube amps. The amp has some interesting features like its adjustable negative feedback which allows for optimum matching of speakers to produce the best sound possible. 300B tubes have about 500 hours of use in them so they have plenty of life left.

Cosmetically, the amp is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Local pickup is preferred but if shipping is required, the amp will be boxed in two boxes where the tubes are boxed separately.