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This is one incredible sounding amp. Its rated 150W at 8 ohm (260W at 4 ohm) sounded really conservative because it sounded so relax even when it was driving some notoriously current hungry speakers we have in the store. What it is though is its really transparent, clean and tight sound. Bass notes were deep and tight while the mids were warm and well defined. The highs were sweet and not too overly sharp. Dynamic range and scale was clearly its forte and may be the best we have come across from an amp that cost just $2,800. The Reference 1.5 is designed and made with some of the more premium parts that are typically found on amps that cost three even four times as much. The amp can be easily mistaken for a Threshold amp but the Usher is the better value option. Sonically, it shares many of Threshold’s attributes but with a touch more warmth. The big rack handles on the front has the same purpose as those found on the Threshold amps – to make lifting this “brute” a less taxing affair.

Cosmetically, it is in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks from light use, but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. We also have the matching Usher P-307A for sale in a separate listing.