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Usher’s P-307A is something of a rare find. As you probably know Usher for its breath taking speakers, you probably won’t associate this preamp (and the power amp we have for sale in a separate listing) as part of their lineup. But it is and its the only preamp they make. The P-307A is a lovely sounding preamp. Its like the “cheaper” cousin to Cello’s Audio Palette. The control knobs certainly feel the same and the design basics are somewhat similar with solid built quality and a separated power supply. There is no remote control function on this preamp because the the goal was to keep it as simple as possible and thus preserving its transparent, clean, detailed sound. The preamp was extremely quiet. Backgrounds were black and had very little hint of coloration when music is flowing through it.

Pairing it with solid state and tube amps yield favorable results on both fronts. It all boils down to the source unit and the speakers. This preamp was previously paired to its matching R1.5 stereo amp (which look and sounded remarkably like a Threshold) and driving a pair of Usher BE718 monitors. The BE718 monitors replaced the B&W 805D which the previous owner said was too clinical sounding with the Usher pre/power combo.

At under $1,000 now, this is one of the best buys in this price range. Its $2,800 MSRP may have been slightly over the top but its an amazingly buy now for $995. In addition to its seven line input, there is also a phono input. Voltage selection switch in the back allows for switching between 110V and 220V operation.

Cosmetically, it is in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks from light use, but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. We also have the matching Usher R1.5 stereo amp for sale in a separate listing.