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The Magellan Duetto is the only monitor speaker in a five speaker lineup where the other four are floorstanders. Being the flag bearing lineup under the Triangle brand, it epitomizes the “re-invigorated” design and sound of Triangle speakers. Build quality is miles ahead of their previous models and the sound reproduction is now within reference standards and competes with the likes from B&W 805s, Magico Minis, Sonus Faber and even the Kii Three speakers but at a much lower MSRP. Each speaker weighs more than 35lbs and stands 18″ tall, 10″ wide and 14″ deep. Drivers used are one 6.3″ mid-woofer and one 1″ titanium dome tweeter that are also used across the series right up to the $70,000 Magellan Grand Concert (which we also have for sale in a separate listing). Frequency response is 38 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 88 dB. In the small to medium size room, the Duetto truly excels when placed on top of well damped, heavy speaker stands. In a larger room setting, it was still capable of producing a resplendent soundstage but albeit at a smaller scale which kind of left pockets of “void” on the left and right of the soundstage. In our 18′ by 14′ sound room, they were perfect. Soundstage was deep and filled up the width of the 14′ wall. The mids were rich and the bass was delivered with a solid, tight punch. The highs were sharp and detailed and worked much better with warmer sounding amps. Vocals were especially holograhic when the speakers are properly positioned. We had them slightly toed in in our listening room so some experimentation in your room is mandatory to bring out the best from these speakers. If these are the new standards for Triangle speakers, than the brand is going to be one to watch for in the coming years.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks really good. They have been owned by a fastidious audiophile who took great care of them. We have the original boxes for them and they will be shipped in two boxes.