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The Meteor 0.5 is a great bang for the buck subwoofer. With a 9″ high excursion heavy duty bass driver, this subwoofer can produce a rumbling 35 Hz bottom end that should meet the demands of most bass addicts. Powered by a 100W amp (300W peak), the Meteor 0.5 is easy to setup and matched to your speakers. Its 160 Hz cutoff is more than sufficient to overlap any set of speakers out there. Controls are just volume level and crossover frequency, easy and simple.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer looks good. The usual scuff marks that appears so easily on gloss black finish are the only cosmetic issues on it. No dings or dents. We don’t have the wireless transmitter, previous customer never used it and can’t remember where he put it. If we find one, we will throw it in. Otherwise, we have the original box and manual.